I never truly realized how deep my love would be for my son.  I mean, of course I knew I would love him.  I knew that the second I laid eyes on him I would fall in love.  But I thought I had been in love before, and what I felt when I saw my son for the first time, well, it just can’t be compared to anything else.

He makes my heart melt.   He takes my breath away.  When I see him the whole world stops and I see nothing but him.  It made me realize that I NEVER knew true love until Nathanial was in my life.

My heart breaks when I have to leave him.  I have moments of panic when I’m at work.  When I start my nearly hour long commute back home I have constant butterflies in my chest and belly.  I just can’t get there soon enough.  After parking my car I practically sprint inside so I can hold him and snuggle him and examine him to make sure he’s just as I left him.

I know someday he will not need me as deeply, and I am sad thinking of that day.  But for now, my little snuggle bunny thinks I am the best thing EVER, and I will cherish every moment I have with him, even the tear filled ones.